Green Beef Trailer

November 12th– Film Screening + Grass Fed Burger Tasting                             Green Beef: A Story of Grass Fed Beef
1pm at Jimmy’s No 43 (43 E 7th St and 2nd Ave.)
$10 tickets for slow food members, non member price tba…                                               Visit for more info

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A special Meat Week screening of Green Beef with film maker Michael Crupain, MD, MPH and producer of The Dairy Show 

Author Michael Pollan has taught us about industrial meat production.  It’s three times bad.  First, it’s bad for the animals – unnaturally confined and fed hormones to make them grow and antibiotics to keep them alive.  Second, it’s bad for the environment – conventional production of feed grain depleting land and poisoning water, long-distance transportation consuming fossil fuel, and concentrated animal waste despoiling landscapes.  And, third, it’s bad for our health – the meat unhealthy, particularly in the case of corn-fed beef cattle.

Michael Crupain decided to expand the scope of his site, The Dairy Show, to include more areas of agriculture, beginning with a report about grass-fed beef.  Green Beef is an entertaining and eye-opening 40 minute report chronicling grass-fed beef from the pastures of Grazin’ Angus Acres to the plates of restaurant Local 111.  Along the way, Michael talks about the science behind the ability of ruminants to eat grass and discusses the history of beef in America with author Betty Fussell, environmental impact and climate change with author Anna Lappe, animal welfare with AWA program director Andrew Gunther, and nutrition with author and professor Marion Nestle.

Of pastured animals as food, Michael Pollan wrote, “It’s true that prodigious amounts of food energy are wasted every time an animal eats another animal – nine calories for every one we consume.  But if all that energy has been drawn from the boundless storehouse of the sun, as in the case of eating meat off …pasture, that meal comes as close to a free lunch as we can hope to get.”

Join Michael Crupain at this special Meat Week screening hosted by Jimmy’s No.43 and Slow Food NYC.  Proceeds will help support the programs and activities of not-for-profit Slow Food NYC, including the Urban Harvest program of good food education for New York City kids at 11 schools in the South Bronx and East Harlem, on the Lower East Side, and in Brooklyn and at two urban farms in Brownsville. These programs reach more than 1,000 children.

The story of grass-fed beef.

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