Ngam, Chef Hong Thaimee, and FarmersWeb to Benefit Red Cross Hurricane Relief

As a participant of Meat Week NYC, Ngam will be donating 20% of all proceeds through Wednesday to the American Red Cross. Also on Wednesday, the restaurant is holding free cooking demo at noon to make Pad Thai for local shelters that they will deliver along with donated garments.
The word “love” frequently comes up when talking to Chef Hong Thaimee of Ngam, whether it’s an expressed love for the cuisine of her native Thailand, her love for fresh local ingredients, or the atmosphere of love she strives to create at her restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village where she serves modern Thai comfort food.
Having spent years laboring over her grandmother’s stove learning the fundamentals of Thai cuisine, Hong pooled her savings to travel to Paris, the Caribbean, and New York City in 2006. Her experience tasting and being exposed to a world of flavors influenced her style of home cooking, opening Ngam Restaurant in the heart of New York City’s East Village. Authentic Thai dishes like “Hung Lay” Braised Short Rib and Yum Jin Gai Very Rustic Chicken Soup embody Hong’s sensibility for serving locally and environmentally sourced ingredients, and introduce New Yorkers to traditional flavors from a professional American kitchen.
To help all of our restaurants build their pantries back up after the devastation of last week and power shortages, FarmersWeb is offering FREE delivery to all NYC buyers until Friday, and (in general) promoting the purchase of sustainable food from our featured farms to help build up New York’s local economy.
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