Brisket King 2013

A King is Crowned… Congratulations to BrisketTown’s Daniel Delaney, the new Brisket King of NYC!

Last night was the meat-lovers’ party of the year. At Brisket King of NYC 2013 at Santos Party House, Daniel Delaney took home the big prize and lays claim to the best brisket in NYC. For a nice wrap-up, please visit the Serious Eats review.  We’ll have additional photos on our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

So, what’s the key to being the king of brisket, here’s what King Dan has to say.

What are your general BBQ secrets (that you’re willing to share, of course!)?

Having clean oxygen flowing through your smoker is key. That and good dry wood. You don’t want dirty wet smoke.

How long do you smoke your brisket and at what optimal temperature?

Different proteins call for different temperatures. We start our briskets low and finish hot.

Do you use a particular marinade, rub or sauce for your brisket?

No sauce. Our rub is just salt and pepper.

Finally, where do you source your meat?

We work with LaFrieda for our briskets.

Other winners of the Second Annual Brisket King of NYC:

Almost Too Close To Call Winner-Up
Mighty Quinn’s

Most Innovative
Butcher Bar

Best Reincarnation of Pastrami
Ducks Eatery

Best Exotic Brisket

Best Non-Brisket Brisket
Tchoup Shop

Also, people”s choice:
Mighty Quinn’s BBQ

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