Brisket King 2016

The Wandering Que’s Ari White Crowned 2016 Brisket King of NYC

Ari White (left) of The Wandering Que was crowned 2016 Brisket King of NYC.
Ari White (left) of The Wandering Que was crowned 2016 Brisket King of NYC.

It was another amazing night of “kosher bacon” loveliness as we crowned a new King of Brisket! On Wednesday, March 16th, Texas-born Ari White of Wondering Que was the Judge’s favorite, taking best in show for his Lamb Brisket.

Over the past few years, smoked BBQ has been getting the lion’s share of attention for brisket, but the NYC culinary scene is so much bigger and more diverse than just one meat tradition. This year we brought in craft butchers like Marlow and Daughters, Dickson’s Meats, East Village Meat Market, and Hudson and Charles to round out NYC’s diverse culinary heritage with brisket, pastrami and to no one’s surprise the (kosher) Wander Que came out on top.

Winners in all categories:

Smoked category
Runner up: Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse
1st prize: Blue Smoke

Brisket Innovation category
Runner up: Pitmaster Robbie Richter
1st Prize: Cannibal

Cured category
Runner up: Marlow & Daughters
1st Prize: The Wandering Que

Brisket King of NYC
Runner up: Izzy Eidelman of Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse
Brisket King of NYC 2016: Ari White of The Wandering Que

Some other favorite dishes of the night:

Dickson’s Meats Whole Roast Beef Chuck


Hudson and Charles’ 5-spice Brisket (plus Jay Fox gave a beef butchering demo)
East Village Meat Market’s Brisket “Ham” (aka corned beef)
Marlow and Daughters’ Brisket “Dip” Sandwich
Robbie Richter’s Brisket Bahn Mi Tea Sandwich
Doug Keiles’ Brisket Cream Puffs


Get tickets now for 2016 Brisket King of NYC, taking place on Wednesday, March 16th, at Sanders Studios (Brooklyn) from 6-9:30PM


JFox_Butchering“Meat” 2015’s Best Butcher of NYC Jay Fox, who will be carving up a whole beef shoulder at this year’s Brisket King of NYC.

When this artisan butcher comes to Brisket King of NYC on Wednesday, March 16th, the thing he’ll most be looking forward to isn’t winning the crown in the fifth annual “kosher bacon” competition. What he’s most anticipating is being at the center of an incredible beef carving demo as he brings an entire beef chuck shoulder to the event.

“I don’t remember ever seeing a public beef butchering event,” Fox noted earlier this month while removing the cheeks from a beef head at his butcher shop, Hudson and Charles, in the West Village. “People do pig carving demos, but a cow is just so big.”

Fox is one of NYC’s many emerging “meat chefs” who are interested not just in great recipes but the actual meat and artisan practices of craft butchery. His beef is grass-fed and grass-finished from a Finger Lakes farm he works with exclusively.

This “Battle of the Meats” continues to show off both new and established meat chefs and this year we expect to have 20+ chefs and butchers all competing for the glory of beef! Confirmed chefs/restaurants thus far include (subject to change):

As part of our continuing pursuit of working with local farms, we will be creating a special sustainable meat/butchering demo with Slow Money NYC; WÜSTHOF will provide awards for best brisket in several categories along with the award for the new Brisket King.

Also included in the all-access ticket: specialty craft beer and an Indie Spirits line-up curated by Modern Distillery Age Magazine. Also we’ll have Ciders of Spain Avalon from Asturias, produced by Trabanco. All in attendance will enjoy three+ hours of some of the city’s best brisketeers, beer, wine and spirits!

Get your tickets here ($90/pp) and be sure to check out the city’s first public beef carving demo at Brisket King of NYC!

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