Brisket King Past Press

Brisket King NYC 2020

You Don’t Want To Miss Brisket King 2020, NYC BBQ

Three Must-Attend BBQ Events In Early 2020, NYC BBQ Weekly

Brisket King NYC 2019


Not-yet-open Juicy Lucy BBQ Wins ‘Best’ Brisket Honor, Pamela Silvestri, SiLive

We Were Shocked By Who Won Brisket King 2019, Sean Ludwig, NYC BBQ Weekly

2019 Brisket King Returns to Brooklyn, Where NYC

Why Brisket King Is So Important to NYC’S BBQ Scene,  Sean Ludwig, NYC BBQ Weekly

Jimmy Carbone Reveals NYC’s Next Big BBQ Events (And Much More), Sean Ludwig, NYC BBQ Weekly


Live video coverage of the event from Nick Solares, host of Meat Life

Video Compilation by Jaymee Sire of Food Network and Justin Aharoni


Who Will Be Crowned The Brisket King Of NYC This Year?, Nell Casey, Gothamist

Brisket King Competition Just Upped the Ante With Aaron Franklin as Judge, Serena Dai, Eater NY

How Long Can You Talk About Brisket?, Ken Wheaton, Ken Wheaton Writes

Kosher BBQ Takes First Place At City-Wide Brisket Competition, Sandy Eller, Vos Iz Neias? (Yiddish for “What’s News?”)

Aaron Franklin of Austin’s Franklin BBQ is Coming To Brisket King of NYC, Where NYC

Izzy’s Crowned Finest at Brisket King NYC , Local Bozo

All Hail to the New Brisket King, Sean Ludwig, NYC BBQ Weekly

Jew Is Crowned NYC Brisket King… Again, Michelle Honig, Forward

EVENT: Meat Sweats, Achieved: An Overview of Brisket King NYC, Lea Faminiano, The Couch Sessions

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