Re-Cap 8th Annual Brisket King NYC™ 2019

Photographs by Justin Aharoni @jaharoni


The 2019 Brisket King: Juicy Lucy BBQ, featuring pitmaster Mauro Cheifari. 
Juicy Lucy BBQ is opening soon in Staten Island.
Mauro Cheifaro was formerly the pitmaster at Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas and is ready to show New Yorkers his skills!

2nd Place & People’s Choice Award: Kimchi Smoke featuring Rob Cho

Judges’ Prizes 
Hometown Hero…#ForChefJeff Brisket Sandwich from Pig Beach featuring Matt Abdoo and Shane McBride

Best Creative Taco…Brisket Taco from Izzy’s Taqueria featuring Sruli Eidelman

Best Classic Texas BBQ…Brisket with Pickles from Hill Country Barbecue Market featuring Ash Fulk

Best BBQ Innovation…Brisket Tostada from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que featuring John Stage and Leland Avellino

If They Had Only Won the Revolutionary War…Brisket with Yorkshire Pudding and Horseraddish Cream from Quiet Waters Farm featuring John Gower and John Patterson

Next year, you can expect even more categories and prizes!

Judges with 2019 Brisket King Champion, Juicy Lucy BBQ
Photograph by Justin Aharoni @jaharoni

Made by Jaymee Sire in collaboration with Justin Aharoni



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