The Meat Hook Sara Bigelow’s Butchering Demo for Hurricane Relief

The Meat Hook’s butcher, Sara Bigelow, hosted a small gathering in the snow last night, carving 1/2 steer for chefs to cook at tonight’s Modern Beefsteak & Spirits Celebration from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Hudson Terrace.**

The steer was sourced from Adirondack Grazers, a Washington County co-op of grass fed beef farmers. Representing the co-op was Sarah Teale, who regaled the group with stories about the various farmers in the cooperative (some family farms, hipster farms, old time farmers, etc.). Brooklyn Brewery donated some of their Oktoberfest (which went well with the carpaccio treat that Sara offered participants). Brooklyn Kitchen owner Harry Rosenblum and Jimmy Carbone rounded out the hosts, helping explain the transition of Meat Week NYC from an event to help farmers to an event to raise hurricane relief funds for the Rockaways.

If the pictures below are any indication, tonight’s spread at Hudson Terrace will be amazingly delicious!

**You can no longer buy tickets online, but you can pay $45 cash (or check made out to Rockaway Beach LLC). Hudson Terrace is located at 621 West 46th Street. 100% of tonight’s proceeds go to hurricane relief in the Rockaways.

Butcher Sara Bigelow breaks down 1/2 steer as Jimmy Carbone, Harry Rosenblum and Sarah Teale of Adirondack Grazers look on.

Beef Carpaccio! Delish!
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